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The  ceremony on the occasion of her Royal Highness Crown Princess’s visitation

Thai staff went to observe some activities at Frence and Germany

  The general aim of the ETHICS-FED project is to give the French and German technical assistance to Chiang Mai University Staff in order to create a framework and adapt a new technical education program (Bachelor degree) to train middle level managers in production management. This will be done by:

promoting a good understanding of EU technical education systems at higher education level in the fields of production management and international trade and exchanging ideas, views and knowledge about cooperative education at university level, both in Europe and Asia.

bringing EU technical assistance to CAMT staff in order to structure and adapt a production supervisor training course within a cooperative education system, both to the cultural, social and economic context of the Northern Part of Thailand and to the EU market economic constraints.

transferring some EU methodologies for studying jobs and skills, prospecting the evolutions of the job market, including EU expectations and analysing the economic and social impacts of cooperative education.

The specific outputs and expected results are:

setting up a collaborative organisation between CMU and Companies to regularly revise the teaching programs of the MMIT bachelor course; this includes the creation of specific tools and methods (ex: reference model of production supervisor’s skills including specificities of trading with EU, etc.);

creating tools and methods to manage a sustainable network of partner companies;

creating and setting up tools and methods to structure the cooperative part of the MMIT program (ex: coaching and assessing students on the workplace, etc.);

integrating innovative teaching modules to enhance the middle level managers’ ability to work for or with European companies. These new modules will concern regulatory, technical (EU norms and standards), cultural (habits and specific expectations of EU customers) and linguistics (new language modules to teach vocational French and German) aspects of the trade with EU countries;

Implementing a followup system of the MMIT graduates’ career paths, the jobs they apply for and the economic and social impact of their training program.


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