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Passakorn Phannachitta, Ph.d.

อาจารย์ ดร.ภาสกร พรรณจิตต์

  • Lecturer
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Skills : ความชำนาญ

  • Empirical Software Engineering
    Software Effort Estimation
    Software Repository Mining
    Machine Learning Techniques
    Robust Statistical Methods
    Search Engine
    Text Mining
    High-Performance Computing

ระดับ ปีจบการศึกษา สาขา / วิชาเอก สถาบัน
ปริญญาเอก 2016 Software Engineering Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
ปริญญาโท 2013 Software Engineering Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
ปริญญาตรี 2011 Computer Engineering Kasetsart University, Thailand
ตั้งแต่่ ถึง ตำแหน่ง สถานที่ทำงาน
Apr 2016 Mar 2017 Postdoctoral Researcher Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Oct 2013 Apr 2016 Research Assistant Nara Institute of Science and Technology
# โครงการ
# ปี งานวิจัย
1 2017 A stability assessment of solution adaptation techniques for analogy-based software effort estimation
2 2017 Cross-Project Defect Prediction Using a Credibility Theory Based Naive Bayes Classifier
3 2017 Bug or Not? Bug Report Classification Using N-Gram IDF.
4 2016 LSA-X: Exploiting Productivity Factors in Linear Size Adaptation for Analogy-Based Software Effort Estimation
5 2016 Filter-INC: Handling Effort-Inconsistency in Software Effort Estimation Datasets.
6 2016 The Impact of a Low Level of Agreement Among Reviewers in a Code Review Process.
7 2016 A review and comparison of methods for determining the best analogies in analogy-based software effort estimation.
8 2015 Case consistency: a necessary data quality property for software engineering data sets.
9 2014 Scaling up analogy-based software effort estimation: a comparison of multiple hadoop implementation schemes.
10 2013 Improving Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation through Probabilistic-Based Similarity Measures.
11 2013 An Empirical Experiment on Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation with CUDA Framework.
12 2012 An Algorithm for Gradual Patch Acceptance Detection in Open Source Software Repository Mining.
13 2011 An Analysis of Gradual Patch Application: A Better Explanation of Patch Acceptance.