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Pree Thiengburanathum, Ph.D.

อาจารย์ ดร. ปรีดิ์ เที่ยงบูรณธรรม

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Skills : ความชำนาญ

  • - Data Mining
    - Machine Learning
    - Intelligent System
    - Interactive System
    - Adaptive System

ระดับ ปีจบการศึกษา สาขา / วิชาเอก สถาบัน
ปริญญาเอก 2018 PhD in Computer Science Bournemouth University, UK.
ปริญญาโท 2008 Master of Science, Computer Science University of Colorado at Denver, USA.
ปริญญาตรี 2005 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science Colorado State University, USA.
ตั้งแต่่ ถึง ตำแหน่ง สถานที่ทำงาน
2017 2017 Visiting Researcher Nemi, Italy
2014 2017 Teaching Assistant Faculty of Science and Technology, Bournemouth University, UK
2010 2010 Visiting Researcher Lyon, France
2009 Present Lecturer College of Arts Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University
# โครงการ
# ปี งานวิจัย
1 2018 Thiengburanathum P., Cang S., Yu H Tourism Services Analytics Based on Online-User Content Using Machine-Learning Approach:A case study of Nemi, Italy 2018 International Conference on Engineering, Science andApplications(accepted)
2 2016 Thiengburanathum P., Cang S., Yu H. An Overview of Travel Recommendation System, The IEEE 22th International Conference on Automation and Computing 2016
3 2016 P. N. Lumpoon and P. Thiengburanathum, "Effects of integrating a mobile game-based learning framework in a cultural tourism setting," 2016 10th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management & Applications (SKIMA), Chengdu, 2016, pp. 281-285.
4 2015 Thiengburanathum P., Cang S., Yu H. A Decision Tree-based Destination Recommendation System for Tourist, The IEEE 21th International Conference on Automation and Computing 2015
5 2013 Thiengburanathum P., Thiengburanathum P., An Introduction of Multi-Model Simulation Decision Support System for Urban Para-transit Transport Management in the City of Chiang Mai” . The 7th International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications, Dec 16-19, 2013
6 2012 Nattapong S., Yannai A., Thiengburanathum P.(2012)Adapting Google Web ToolKit and MVC Architecture as a Software Framework for Web Traffic Management System Application, A Case Study with Red Cab Public Transportation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. First ICT International Senior Project Conference and IEEE Thailand Senior Project Contest. Bangkok, Thailand. April 20th, 2012
7 2012 Thiengburanathum P., Pitchayapan P., Thiengburanathum P., Sopadang A. Ramingwong S., Kamano K., Logistics Infrastructure Development Review: Chiang Rai as Thailand’s Gateway to Greater Mekong Subregion” . The 7th International Congress on Logistics and SCM Systems, Seoul, Korea. June 7-9, 2012
8 2010 Thiengburanathum P., Feliu G., Ouzrout Y., Chakpitak N., Bouras A., AN INTEGRATED PLANNING-SIMULATION-ARCHITECTURE APPROACH FOR LOGISTICS SHARING MANAGEMENT: A CASE STUDY IN NORTHERN THAILAND AND SOUTHERN CHINA. The 2nd International Conference on Logistics and Transportation